NBC Sound Team Application

Ever interested in joining the Sound Team? Well now you can! The Nellis Baptist Church Sound Team is actively seeking out willing volunteers to help keep the sound going on Sunday Mornings!

[toggle title=”Principal Responsibilities“]

  • Maintain and operate the sound systems relating to the Worship Center.
  • Assist in developing good organization of equipment.
  • Develop training to enhance the abilities of the volunteers involved in the sound system related tasks.
  • Aid in planning for system upgrade and enhancements.
  • Able to provide intelligent input when planning events that occur in the Worship Center.
  • Assist in some sound duties through the facility.
  • Demonstrate an attitude of helpfulness to the volunteers and congregation.
  • Encourage the volunteers in their work.
  • Help maintain proper supplies.
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    [toggle title=”Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities“]

    • This person must be able to lift up to 50 pounds on level ground.
    • The ability to climb ladders and a lack of the fear of heights is required.
    • Good Aural Skills are Mandatory.
    • The ability to work alone and remain responsible in fulfilling the tasks set out for the staff member.
    • The ability to follow directions and work to accomplish the objectives set by the Media Coordinator.
    • The staff member also must posses self-starter qualities.
    • The staff member needs to remain positive and demonstrate a Christ-like attitude.
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      [toggle title=”Minimum Qualifications“]

      • Must be a member of Nellis Baptist Church.
      • High School diploma or equivalent required.
      • Completion of college with an emphasis relating to sound system principles would be preferred.
      • The ability to demonstrate a high level of competence in this technical area.
      • A reasonable level of musical training is preferred.
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        Also involved with the Sound Team is the Video Tech Volunteer. This person is responsible for the operation of the video displays and projection systems during worship services, special services and requested practices.

        [toggle title=”Technical Skills”]

        • Familiarity with modern audio (mp3, mp4, ogg, aac, wav, etc) and Video (flv, mp4, mkv, asf, avi, mov, ogg) formats.
        • The ability to ascertain compatibility between various formats and the provided players, and estimate timeframes to perform format conversions.
        • Ability to navigate The Internet and locate relevant and timely Information, upload and download video, audio, text and binary files.
        • Intermediate office computer skills to include fluency in navigating computer interfaces.
        • Ability to operate modern office suites such as Microsoft Office and Open Office.
        • Familiarity with modern physical media (flash drives/sticks, DVD and BluRay).
        • Basic understanding of networking and file sharing.


        [toggle title=”General Skills”]

        • Ability to work under pressure.
        • Attention to detail and ability to adapt to last minute changes with fast reaction time.


        [toggle title=”Hardware Knowledge”]

        • Mac and PC Desktops/Laptops
        • LCD Moniters and Displays
        • Video Processors (Limited Use)
        • DVD Players and Video Projectors


        [toggle title=”Software Knowledge”]

        • LiveWorship
        • ProPresenter
        • Microsoft Office (PowerPoint Especially)
        • Apple Keynote
        • iTunes
        • Windows Media Player
        • VLC
        • mPlayer
        • Mac OS X and Windows


        If interested, please download and fill out the following form, and e-mail it NBCSounteam@gmail.com for review.

        To save the file, right-click and select “Save Link As…”

        Sound Team Application